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4anime is your go-to place to watch free anime with both DUB and SUB. We have all of the genres including Romance, Comedy, Action, Historical, Shoujo Ai, School, Demons, Shounen Supernatural,… to make sure everyone, regardless of their age, gender and financial situation can always be entertained when streaming with us. Our anime is cost-free and of high quality, so as long as you have a stable Internet connection, you are good to go.

Free to watch Anime Online

Anime on 4Anime are all gotten from well-known sources such as streamtape, mycloud, vidstream and mp4upload. Therefore, you won’t be interfered with buffering and lagging as long as you are connected to a good Wifi source. The UX/UI is also streamlined and allow you to get access to your favourite anime in no time. You can also view other people’s favourites which act as a good recommendation whenever you want to step out of your comfort zone. We always update our content daily so please visit us regularly to be the first one who gets to watch all the gems and golds.

What’s wrong with 4Anime?

Anime, as you may know, is a Japanese style of short animation. Because of the marketing of Japanese media such as newspapers and television, anime is now popular all over the world. Famous comics, games, and light novels were chosen by this creativity maker to be turned into amazing animes today. 4anime features a large selection of animes to stream that is suitable for people of all ages and genders. Adult hentai is one of the many topics available.

Why 4Anime is so popular for anime fans?

We believe "happiness is only real when shared" and on top of that, it should be free and accessible for all people. Therefore we don’t ask you to pay a dime when using our services. Along with this fact, 4Anime provides a wide range of anime genres from which to choose based on personal interests is another reason why 4Anime is getting more and more popular. You can watch anime without being blocked no matter where you are with 4Anime.

Daily update makes 4anime the best anime site

Many people use 4Anime to watch anime online from all around the world, therefore we work hard to keep our anime database up to date to satisfy the demands of our users. We organize the English sub&dub department to work as rapidly as possible to submit anime to the internet because there are many anime episodes published every day.

Why 4anime can’t be accessed, is 4anime shutting down?

For external factors, most sites where you can view free anime become unreachable after a while. This is an issue that Page 4anime.to is unable to solve. The initial version of 4anime.to, which we had launched, is no longer available. And we’ve built a new one at this new domain to satisfy all of the anime lovers.

Is 4anime the best anime website?

4Anime is our newest official website, featuring many of the same great features as AnimeFLV or 9Anime. Our anime database is said to be the best entertainment on the web. Whether you're looking for a popular anime or a rare anime, we've got you covered.

Is it legal to use 4anime?

Watching anime videos at 4 is theoretically allowed in the United States. Watching anime and copyrighted media does not currently against the guidelines. If you are found downloading and distributing materials, copyright attorneys confirm that you might face criminal or civil charges. As a result, we recommend that you only watch our films online for your own protection.

Is there a 4anime app for ios or Android?

Currently there’s no 4anime apk and no 4anime ios app yet. Any app that claims to be from 4anime is FAKE.

What is the real 4Anime website?

4Anime.is is the only latest website we have currently. Please note this because all other sites taking advantage of our brand are fake. If you are still unsure about whether the site you are looking at is 4Anime authentic or not, please refer to the features we are listing below. These are what we are offering and it is unlikely that other fake websites also can do the same.

  • High-quality anime: 4anime is not a site for low-quality images or lag-related interruptions. Only HD quality English Subbed and Dubbed are available on our site, bringing true delight to your feelings.
  • Cut down on download times: You won't have to waste time downloading anime to watch later. That time has passed! Simply go to 4anime.city and watch your favourite anime series for free.
  • Save your entertainment costs: We all know how expensive Netflix, Crunchyroll, and other streaming services are. It costs you nothing to watch free anime on our website.
  • Unrestricted access to your favourite anime: You can watch any anime you want, whenever you want. Isn't it much better to watch anime online for free and unlimited access than of paying for certain animes that you enjoy?